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Cat breeds – Kuril Bobtail

Cat breeds - Kuril Bobtail

The Russian Kuril Bobtail is a love pussycat who has her nickname “Mini Lynx” earned by their appearance. There are long-haired and short-haired representatives of their breed. The Kuril Bobtail cat has a stocky build and a slightly curved back. On average it weighs 5-7 kg. Their powerful legs are slightly longer than the front, and her short, only 3-8 cm long bushy tail can be bent or curved either. The Kuril Bobtail has a large head with a wide muzzle and prominent cheekbones. Their large ears are inclined at the tips rounded and slightly forward, the eyes are round and slightly oblique. A Kuril Bobtail cat has little undercoat and top coat much. Ruff, tufts and pants are welcome in the breed. Except for the colors chocolate, cinnamon, lilac and fawn all colors are recognized in the breed.

The Kuril Bobtail: friendly and uncomplicated

The Kuril Bobtail is a member of an ancient race that is caused by a gene mutation. She is on the Russian island group of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island home for about two centuries. It is believed that it is derived from the Japanese Bobtail. In Europe, only a few copies of the gentle breed are represented so far. The affectionate animals are lively and enjoy it if you give them lots of attention. But you also have a wild side, much playfulness and a strong hunting instinct. They are also considered resistant to stress: changes in their environment make them to provide less than other domestic cats. The friendly, cute animals also differ with their love of water from their peers.

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