Cat breeds – LaPerm Longhair

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Cat breeds – LaPerm Longhair

The LaPerm Longhair belongs to a young breed from the USA, which is characterized by its curly representatives. Animals of this breed are considered particularly clingy and do not like to be alone. The LaPerm Longhair is a medium sized cat with a sporty, powerful figure. Their average weight is in a female animal between 2.5 and 4 kg and a male 3-5 kg. The beautiful LaPerm Longhair has a triangular shaped head with pronounced whisker pads and strikingly beautiful, big eyes. Her look is awake and alert and contributes together with curly whiskers to the friendly acting overall impression of the cat in. The soft coat is wavy or curly the cat, and its density depends on the season and the age of the animal. Kittens come often without fur to the world. Compared to other long-haired cats LaPerm Longhair is wonderfully easy to care for. She sheds little and their coat does not tend to Verkletten. It can occur in various colors, often are Seal Point, Golden Tabby, Shaded Silver, White or Silver.

The LaPerm Longhair: A cuddly cat

The curly cat is known to be particularly affectionate and people oriented. She follows her like people all day and feels lonely when she is left alone. Working people they should hold in each case together with a second cat. The cuddles her human caregiver to her, however, are important. The first LaPerm Longhair cat was incidentally born in 1982 in Oregon, USA. Your curly hair is caused by a spontaneous genetic mutation and is inherited dominantly.

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