Cat breeds – LaPerm Shorthair

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Cat breeds – LaPerm Shorthair

Cat breeds - LaPerm Shorthair

The LaPerm Shorthair is a dear, affectionate cat curls with a strong, muscular physique. It belongs to a young race from the US, the long-haired and short-haired agent has. The LaPerm Shorthair has received its name from the colloquial word for “perm”. Her beautiful, curly coat is soft, grippy and curled up in the whiskers. Even the hair on the insides of her ears are curled. The voluminous fur of the cat stands on her body and has little undercoat. Closest it is to the ruff and on the ears. The head of the LaPerm Shorthair is triangular, has pronounced whisker pads and large, round eyes. Cat of this breed weigh full grown 3 to 5 kg cats 2-4 kg. By nature, the animals are loving, affectionate and cuddly in need. You will love carrying around, but also love to climb and play. They have a robust health and an easy-care coat.

The LaPerm Shorthair: A new discovery

In 1982, the first kittens of this breed was born in the US state of Oregon. The mother was a brown tabby cat. First, the small cat but not noticed by her curls, but the fact that she was completely naked as Lone of five kittens in the world. The owner suspected an illness and was relieved when the cub again Expect wonderfully developed and within a few months with a soft, curly fur developed. She named the cat “Curly” and sat with her the LaPerm Shorthair breed in transition. The first animals of this breed were presented in 1992 at an exhibition.

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