Cat breeds – Maine Coon

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Cat breeds – Maine Coon

Cat breeds - Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds in the world. Their fur is long and dense, the tail is bushy. Individual adult Maine Coons can accommodate up to 12 kilos. Maine Coon cats have a strong, muscular physique. The large, round paws and the massive head are characteristic features of the Maine Coon. Her eyes are large and oval shaped. Often the colors go well with fur. The ears of cats are large, pointed and run are sometimes provided with hair brushes. Maine Coons have a dense, water-repellent guard hairs and fine, soft undercoat. Their coat is short in the head and shoulder area, while it is on the collar, the back and the shoulders more. The large, heavy cats are fully grown until three years and may have a length of up to 1.20 meters and a shoulder height of 40 cm reach. An average cat weighs 5.5 to 9 kg and a cat between 4 and 6.5 kg.

Maine Coon Cats: The “gentle giant”

Because of their friendly nature Maine Coon cats are also referred to as the “Gentle Giant”. They are regarded as affectionate, intelligent, social and playful. Other pets are normally tolerated by the “Coons” and accepted. In addition, Maine Coons excellent hunters. With their paws intelligent animals can take food, some animals even opening doors. Many copies like to play with water and can fetch. Maine Coon cats are considered “chatty”. With their soft, gentle voices they like and often communicate with their fellows or their owners. Her name is derived from their place of origin: the northeastern US state of Maine and the English word “Racoon” (raccoon). A myth namely, that the Maine Coon from a mix of cat and raccoon.

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