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Cat breeds – Manx Cat

Cat breeds - Manx Cat

The Manx cat belongs to a quiet and ancient breed, the resulting noticed that she was born without a tail. It comes from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. The Manx cat is tailless once caused by a gene mutation. Today the cat are bred on this feature out. The strong animal has a short back and massive legs with round paws. His head is large and round with a medium length nose and a strong chin. The beautiful eyes may occur in different colors and should be in harmony with coat color. The fur of the Manx is short and strong and has a dense undercoat. It can accept all colors except point-colors. It divides the representatives of this breed in Rumpies (without tail), Stumpies (with a stump of a tail) and Tailies (with almost normal tail). While adult cats bring a weight of about 3.5 kilos, the average weight of males is 5.5 kg.

The Manx Cat: Breeding banned in Germany

Due to the missing tail, the Manx cat has a worse sense of balance than their peers and falls by its ligand hopping, rabbit-like gear on. She has often struggled with health problems and a limited climbing ability. In Germany therefore violates both the breeding and exhibition of the tailless cat to the Animal Welfare Act. In Britain and Scandinavia will continue to grown. The essence of the wise Manx cat is considered to be balanced and friendly. She may be people oriented, but strangers cautious and a little anxious.

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