Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair

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Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair

Cat breeds - Munchkin Longhair

The European Munchkin Longhair cat falls due to their extremely short legs, giving it a cat atypical appearance. The rare cat is considered quiet and cozy animal. The Little Munchkin Longhair is between 2.5 and 4 kg and, awake, lively eyes. Her beautiful coat is long and shiny and can occur in all sorts of colors. The cat enjoys it very much to be petted and brushed. Your breed’s typical short legs due to a genetic mutation and can affect the cat like the one Dackels the aisle. The Munchkin Longhair cat breed is one of the only with such a feature, and also passes through their behavior in risk situations: Is the Munchkin Longhair vigilant or anxious, she turns on the haunches like a rabbit.

The Munchkin Longhair: A rare hobby collector

The first Munchkin Longhair was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe. Their breeding was set in World War II and resumed active only in the 1980s, this time in the USA. In Europe, the cat is now rarely represented, perhaps because of their unusual cat behavior: It is a very tranquil representative of her kind who would rather sit on a comfortable place and environment observed, than to climb and romp. In addition, the affectionate cat has a penchant for collecting and storing small items and keeps their owners thus guarantees on their toes.

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