Cat breeds – Munchkin Short Hair

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Cat breeds – Munchkin Short Hair

Cat breeds - Munchkin Short Hair

The first Munchkin Shorthair was found in 1983 in Louisiana. The cat stands out with its extremely short, dachshund-like legs and is considered a very friendly cat with even temperament. The typical appearance of small breed Munchkin Shorthair is caused by a gene mutation. Your body is strong, the legs are short and muscular. With a shoulder height of up to 33 cm weighs a Munchkin Shorthair 2-4 kg. It has a medium long nose, large ears normal and large oval eyes. Her short, soft fur is represented in all possible color combinations. The Munchkin Shorthair has an affectionate nature and prefer to cuddle with their owner. Its essence is a happy medium between activity and balance, so that it integrates well with quiet households. Regular hours of play they enjoy, but also like to address the day comfortably. They should be kept as an indoor cat.

The Munchkin Shorthair: A controversial race

Cats love to jump and climb. Since the Munchkin Shorthair is limited by their physique in these activities, their breeding is often criticized. In addition, the cat for the clearance is only suitable and it harder for her to groom themselves than other domestic cats. The owner should therefore support them regularly in grooming. Even back problems come in the cat unfortunately repeatedly before, since their spine shows wear faster. Whether these cats a decent life is possible, therefore, is controversial.

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