Cat breeds – Nebelung

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Cat breeds – Nebelung

Cat breeds - Nebelung

The elegant Nebelung belongs to a new and rare American breed. It has a silky, gray blue fur and a very shy, introverted nature. The beautiful Nebelung immediately stands out with its bluish coat with silver shimmer. It is soft, dense, of medium length and has a warm undercoat. The cat is medium in size and has long, slender legs with small paws. The flat head falls heavily stressed on by whisker pads, large, almost transparent ears and a strong chin. The oval eyes are far apart and have a deep green color. Cats weigh an average of 5 kg cat up to 7 kg. They have a length of up to 120 cm.

The Nebelung: Not for beginners

The restrained Nebelung is gentle, but shy and reserved. Noise and new situations cause her stress, which can make them sick. So the cat needs a lot of empathy to its owner and, above all, a quiet environment. As Freigängerin it is not suitable, because it tends to creep away and not reappear. Did the owner won the trust his Nebelung, he has a loyal and affectionate friend, who is like petted and needs a lot of attention. Therefore it is well suited for cats experienced one Рor two-person households, which often someone is home.

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