Cat breeds – Norwegian Forest Cat

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Cat breeds – Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat breeds - Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a strong, sturdy and docile animal. It has semi-long, dense fur, a bushy tail and a characteristic ruff. The Norwegian Forest Cat is large and has a solid, muscular physique. An adult cat has a shoulder height of up to 45 cm and a length of 100 to 130 cm from nose to tail. While a cat weighs an average of 3.5 to 7 kg the normal weight of a cat is 5 to 9.5 kg. With the exception of special colors Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn each color is possible with the Norwegian Forest Cat. Their coat is of medium length and consists of a woolly undercoat and long outer coat, the back, tail top and sides covered. Thanks to the dense, water-repellent fur, the Norwegian Forest cat is particularly resistant to cold. Her head has a triangular shape, the chin is remarkably strong, the large eyes are oval. The large ears are often provided with lynx-like ear tufts and brushes.

The Norwegian Forest Cat: friendly and uncomplicated

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a good-natured and gentle nature. She likes to play and is not intrusive than cuddly, but. Therefore, it is often kept as family cat. Conspecifics against them is very social, and also with dogs and other animals it sees itself as a rule well. To her people she often has a strong bond. Despite the similarity, the Norwegian Forest Cat on no genetic proximity to the wildcat. It is believed that the breed originated from an impact of imported Angora cats in the Scandinavian house cats. Norway’s national cat is bred specifically since 1930. In the 80s and Germany and other European countries have also discovered the good-natured cat, so the Norwegian Forest Cat is now found in many households.

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