Cat breeds – Ocicat

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Cat breeds – Ocicat

Cat breeds - Ocicat

The Ocicat is a member of a spirited, American domestic cat breed that looks like a small version of ocelots. However, a direct relationship to the wild cat is not. The active, gregarious Ocicat has the appearance of a wild cat and the character of a room Tigers. For breeding this particular breed among other Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair cats were used. The cats are medium in size, muscular, elegant and supple. They have a wide, slightly square muzzle and medium sized ears with hair brushes. The large, almond-shaped eyes are slightly slanted and can have all colors except blue. Ocicat has a short coat without undercoat. This is due to dense and has a silky, shiny texture. The cat’s fur is overlooked with large dark spots. The basic colors are the Ocicat Tan, Chocolate, Blue and Silver. A female cat weighs about 5 kg, 7 kg a hangover. With a shoulder height of up to 45 cm, the Ocicat is larger than a normal domestic cat.

Cat breeds – The Ocicat: Spirited and undaunted

The Ocicat has, just as it promises her appearance, a bold and strong character. Both humans and animals against them is regarded as fearless and socially. She is also a gifted hunter, loves to climb and romp. Those wishing to keep an Ocicat, should therefore ensure that they have plenty of exercise. Freigängerin as it did, a very distinctive temperament. In addition, the Ocicat is sociable and has a friendly, social being. So it is also well suited as a family cat. They are little acoustic noises and often shows no fear of water.

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