Cat breeds – Oriental Longhair

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Cat breeds – Oriental Longhair

The elegant Oriental Longhair cat is also known as Javanese or Mandarin and is considered to be affectionate and sensitive. It resembles the Balinese cat, but has a different coloration. The Oriental Longhair is a delicate, slender cat with a sleek body and long legs. Although it is a little stronger than the typical oriental cat, but still graceful and supple. Her head is wedge-shaped, the nose is straight and long. The usually bright green eyes of the cat are skewed and almond-shaped. Is the semi-long fur of the Javanese white, her eyes are blue. Although the Oriental Longhair is similar to the Siamese and their long-haired version of the Balinese, but is full color and has no typical mask coloring (Points) on. The medium-sized cat is 3-4 kg in weight, the cat 4-5 kg.

The Oriental Longhair: Easy care and social

As an American breeder who bred Oriental Longhair, they had initially the Balinese cat to the target, a Siamese cat with typical coloration and semi-long coat. It is also a variation with the other color, the Oriental Longhair was created. This breed was recognized in 1979 as an independent. The Javanese is considered family cat that needs a fixed reference person and demands a lot of attention. As an individual cat’s talkative and social Oriental Shorthair should not be held because she hates to be alone. It can be good to keep as indoor cat and is easy to maintain, because her smooth, silky coat does not tend to tie themselves into knots. Who wants to bring the coat of Javanese nice shine, it should now and then wipe with a cloth.

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