Cat breeds – Oriental Shorthair

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Cat breeds – Oriental Shorthair

Cat breeds - Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is a Thai cat who loves to be the center. It belongs to the breed of Siamese cats to, is extremely cuddly and plays like the Kasper. The elegant Oriental Shorthair has a slender frame and long legs. Small paws and a very long tail are among the distinctive features of this cat. The Thai cat has very big, pointed ears and almond-shaped, slanted eyes in an intense green color. Her head is wedge-shaped, the nose long and straight. The fur of the Oriental Shorthair is short, smooth and shiny. The color palette of the coat comprises around 30 different shades. Due to the lack of undercoat the cat is particularly delicate. Full grown she has a weight of 4.5 up to 6 kg and a shoulder height of about 38 cm.

The Oriental Shorthair: Charming and alert

The Oriental Shorthair has many good qualities, which make them a popular and friendly house cat. It is regarded as an extrovert and sociable. She also loves it when they are spoiled and devotes much attention. She loves to play, is very affectionate and has a matching mew ready for every situation. His intelligence brings the little rascal but happy times on ideas: the Oriental Shorthair, for example, is often capable, cabinet, or open doors. Combing not need the easy-care cat. Because their fur is so short and thin, they would be if it is a warm place available: for example, a cushion on the heater or a nice sunny window seat.

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