Cat breeds – Persian Cat

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Cat breeds – Persian Cat

Cat breeds - Persian Cat

The long-haired Persian cat is one of the oldest and most popular domestic cat breeds in the world. The quiet cat can maintain an ideal indoor cat, as it has only a moderate desire for freedom. Through their appearance the proud Persian cat has a reputation as the “Queen of the Cats”. It is medium size, strong and usually has a breed typical face with a short, broad nose and a domed forehead. The large, round eyes set wide apart, her cheeks are firm. So the cat’s face corresponds mostly to the typical “baby schema”. The ears of the Persian cat are small and have a rounded shape. Among the most striking features of the cozy family cat but heard her soft, silky coat that can occur in all colors. Cats weigh on average 8 kg, 10 kg cat.

The Persian cat: cozy, but intensive care

The Persian cat is considered to be cautious and sensitive. But it is also the most intensive care cat: Her long, thick coat needs to be brushed regularly so that it does not mate. Those wanting a Persian cat, so it should invest at least every two to three days time in grooming. In the 17th century, cats were imported from Turkish-Persian region to Europe, where they were kept at noble courts before all things. The popular indoor cats were bred specifically then from the late 19th century. Since then, many new color variations are added in the race. A fashion trend meant that the face of the Persian cat was grown increasingly shorter with time, so the cats often suffer from health problems such as narrowed tear ducts.

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