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Cat breeds – Peterbald

Cat breeds - Peterbald

The gentle Peterbald is one of the nude cat breeds and is from Russia. Her ancestors include the Don Sphynx cat and the Oriental Shorthair. The Peterbald is an elegant cat with a lean, muscular physique. Particularly striking are their oversized ears and long toes, which are also known as monkey fingers. The Peterbald has almond-shaped, slanted eyes, which are often colored in a bright green, or blue. The head is wedge-shaped, the muzzle fine. The gene for hairlessness makes at the Peterbald that some, but not all representatives of their kind are born naked. It is also possible that they are covered with a light down. Their whiskers are curled or bent. Full grown weigh the loving Stubentiger 3-4 kg.

The Peterbald: Playful and Cuddly

The friendly Peterbald is one of the most affectionate cat breeds. She likes to follow her people at every step and usually goes wonderfully with other cats and dogs. Also on children is the mild-mannered cat to speak well. The lively animal has a lot of playfulness, is considered curious and very smart. To practice tricks, prepares the Peterbald pleasure. She likes it when she gets plenty of attention, and is happy when she has a conspecifics to play. The indoor cat is to be incorporated by their special shape paws able to forage and small objects with paws, which distinguishes them from other cats.

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