Cat breeds – Ragdoll Cat

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Cat breeds – Ragdoll Cat

Cat breeds - Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a long haired cat that is bred since the 1960s. It is considered wise, affectionate, cuddly and lovable. It also has a very nice and soft fur. The name “Ragdoll” in German means “rag doll” and refers to the silky, medium-length coat of the cat. The family-friendly cat was bred in the USA. It is medium sized, muscular and heavy, with hangover with up to 40 cm shoulder height and 100 to 120 cm length are significantly bigger than the cats. While the average cat brings a weight of 4.5 to 6.5 kilos, they are proud when tomcat 6.5 to 10 kg. The Ragdoll has big fluffy paws and a long, bushy tail. The beautiful cat head is flat between the ears and can be recognized from a curved profile and a strong chin. The Ragdoll has large, oval and slightly slanting eyes, which are usually colored a deep blue. The many interesting color variants make the long-haired cat eye catcher.

The Ragdoll Cat: An ideal family cat

The Ragdoll cat is large, but known for her good nature and her family fitness. Most animals are fond of children and do not even cat friendly dogs. Ragdolls love family life and want to be included therein. So you often seek contact with humans and other animals in the household. Since this breed is prone to obesity, it is important to pay attention to their appropriate nutrition. Otherwise rises, especially for males, the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

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