Cat breeds – Scottish Fold Shorthair

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Cat breeds – Scottish Fold Shorthair

Cat breeds - Scottish Fold Shorthair

The Scottish Fold Shorthair (Scottish Fold) is recognizable by its hanging ears forward and love it cozy. The first Scottish Fold Shorthair was born in 1961. The Scottish Fold Shorthair is small, but strong. Your muscular, stocky body is typical for this cat. Her legs are short, rounded paws and thick. The 2.5 to 6 kg cat has a medium length tail and a round, massive head. The profile of the Scottish Fold is swinging, the nose is broad. The large, round eyes of the cat are far apart. Their small ears are folded forward and are strikingly flat on the head. The dense coat is short and has a plush through the thick undercoat. In breeding all colors are recognized (also pointed colors without white).

The Scottish Fold Shorthair: Breeding with obstacles

Since 1966 the breeding of Scottish Fold Shorthair breed was started a debate about whether the folded ears pose a health risk to the animals. Thus the breed was in England, for example, temporarily suspended, on the grounds that the folded ears could pose an increased risk for ear mites and deafness. However, this assumption could not be clearly demonstrated, so is bred today. However, may be bred Scottish Folds not with each other. In the purebred cats are always crossed British and American Shorthair. So everyone Kitten Litter has a surprise effect: Which kitten is the Faltohrgen has prevailed, is only a few weeks after birth visible. The Scottish Fold is considered loving and friendly cat with a calm temperament. Their coat is easy to care for, but you should clean the folded ears now and then with a special lotion. & Nbsp;

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