Cat breeds – Selkirk Rex Shorthair

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Cat breeds – Selkirk Rex Shorthair

Cat breeds - Selkirk Rex Shorthair

The Selkirk Rex Shorthair belongs to a young cat breed that is. By her beautiful, curly fur distinguishes The American Samtpfote regarded as quiet, friendly and highly intelligent. The Selkirk Rex Shorthair is similar with its strong body of British Shorthair cat, while other cats curls longer correspond to the oriental type. It has a stocky, squat figure, medium long legs and thick round paws. Their average weight is 5 kg. The cat’s head is round with large, widely spaced eyes, small ears, a strong chin and a short nose. There are short-haired and long-haired Selkirk Rex representative of the kind. The short-haired is recognizable by very soft fur and short, catchy curls. This feature especially behind the ears, on the neck and belly from. It has a thick undercoat and can be drawn in different colors and pointed colors.

The Selkirk Rex Shorthair: A friendly acrobat

The Selkirk Rex Shorthair is not only an exceptionally affectionate cat, but also a true entertainment talent that is never tired in his ingenuity. She climbs and loves to play and is therefore a fan of most different cat toys and large cat trees. Clearance but does not necessarily tempered animal. It is considered to be straightforward in attitude and social dealings with human beings and animals. The first Selkirk Rex Shorthair was incidentally discovered in an animal shelter in 1987, she was the only kitten curls among seven siblings. About their ancestors nothing is known. Meanwhile Exotic Shorthair cats, Persian and British Shorthair with in the race of the Selkirk Rex Shorthair be crossed.

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