Cat breeds – Serengeti cat

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Cat breeds – Serengeti cat

Cat breeds - Serengeti cat

The Serengeti cat belongs to a new, exotic breed that is actively cultivated since 1994. Their wild appearance emerges from a cross of Bengal and the Oriental Shorthair. Although the Serengeti cat looks like a small wild cat but has no predator in their immediate family. Their ancestors are domesticated house cats. The large, heavy cat has a slim figure and long, strong legs. The average weight is a she-cat between 3.5 and 5.5 kg, while a male can weigh in at a shoulder height of up to 45 cm around 7 kg. The Serengeti cat phenomenon is as delicate as imposing. On her head fall on particularly large ears and round eyes that watch that can be gold or copper colored. A few Serengeti also have green eyes. A thick, short coat with little undercoat is characteristic of the elegant cat. It may be the colors black spotted, black, silver spotted or have Smoke.

The Serengeti cat: A cuddly Freigängerin

The American breeder of the Serengeti breed has contacted their breeding aim to develop a breed in the wild cat look, but without direct predatory ancestors. The Bengal cat house in the pedigree of the Serengeti is indeed related to the wild Bengal, however, only animals are used for breeding, many generations removed from their wild ancestors. The beautifully colored Serengeti is an active cat who loves the clearance and very much like playing. In the winter you do you any good if you begrudge her a spot on the heating, because she loves the heat. As a family cat cuddly animal makes love, also wonderful.

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