Cat breeds – Seychellois Longhair

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Cat breeds – Seychellois Longhair

Cat breeds - Seychellois Longhair

The Seychellois Longhair is a beautiful, elegant cat with blue eyes and a silky semi-long coat. Your very young breed originated from a cross of Siamese and Balinese. The Seychellois Longhair has long, slender legs and a petite stature. At muscles she still is not missing but. Her head is wedge-shaped with a fine muzzle and beautiful, intense blue eyes. My overall impression is athletic and graceful. The fur of the Seychellois Longhair is semi-long, silky and tight. It is quite easy to maintain and is not prone to matting, but should still be brushed off and on. The coat has hardly undercoat, so the cat becomes even more delicate. Usually it is cream colored and has a white spotting, different colorations are possible. Average is difficult to Seychellois Longhair around 5 kg.

The Seychellois Longhair: A rare something exotic

Since the Seychellois Longhair belongs to a young cat breed that is officially recognized since 2008, there is little general statements about their character traits. Also about possible breed typical diseases is not yet known. Much of it has but probably inherited from their relatives, the Siamese cat. It is regarded as intelligent, charming and gentle, she also likes to play and does not like to be alone. She is a loyal, cute cat, you can have a good time in the apartment. Their breeders are indeed sown nor thin, but see a bright future for the beautiful and lovable breed. The long-haired version of the Seychellois Cat is incidentally bred with an introgression of Oriental Longhair Cats in the Seychellois Shorthair breed.

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