Cat breeds – Seychellois Short Hair

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Cat breeds – Seychellois Short Hair

Cat breeds - Seychellois Short Hair

The Seychellois Shorthair is a gentle, elegant cat with the drawing of a Siamese cat. The lively, playful feline friend is known for her sensitive, highly intelligent beings and their curiosity. The Seychellois Shorthair cat has a slender, supple figure and an average weight of 4 kg. Her body is long and muscular, as well as her legs. Small oval paws are typical of the cat. It has a medium-sized, wedge-shaped head and a long, straight nose. The muzzle is narrow, the ears are large and pointed. A Seychellois Shorthair cat has typically almond shaped, bright and intense blue eyes. Their fur is fine, silky and short. By the barely existing under fur outer coat fits close to the body. The base color of the coat is white, beige, or light gray and has a darker point markings on the face and ears. The paws of the Seychellois Shorthair are white.

The Seychellois Shorthair: For experienced cat owners

This clever, active Stubentiger are visually exotic and sophisticated in nature. You need a lot of attention and are somewhat capricious and willful. An experienced cat owner knows how best to deal with the sensitive animal, and has the complicated nature of emotional cat in doubt, the best grip. Seychellois Shorthair cats are cuddly and talkative. If you have a request, they usually are not afraid to express it with her loud voice. Who has much time for her and she strokes often makes them a great pleasure. The Seychellois Shorthair is actually related to the Siamese.

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