Cat breeds – Siamese

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Cat breeds – Siamese

Cat breeds - Siamese

The affectionate Siamese belongs beside the Persian one of the oldest breeds in the world. She has a slender, graceful build, blue eyes and a bright coat color with dark spots. The Siamese occurs elegant and supple, neck and legs are long and slender. It has small delicate paws and a wedge-shaped head with a long, straight nose and flat forehead. The ears of the Siamese are large and pointed, bevelled eyes almond shaped and easily. The coat is short, shiny and smooth. Undercoat does not have the beautiful cat. Recognized colors are Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point and Lilac Point. While an adult female cat 3-4 kg is, a cat weighs 4-5 kg.

The Siamese: nice and sociable

Siamese cats usually have a good social behavior and should not be kept alone. They are considered wise and stubborn, but also very personable. They have a big game drive and a fairly loud voice. The Oriental Siamese love to play with their own kind, to hunt and to maintain each other. They are very lively and good-natured, as a single cat but unhappy. Siamese cats are trainable and love to interact with their people. So they can get taught, for example, to walk on a leash. Since they are very people oriented, Siamese cats are often compared to dogs. The popular purebred cats are from the East Asian Siam (now Thailand) and were first exported to Europe in the 19th century Britain. There, too, the breeding of the Siamese was shortly afterwards added.

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