Cat breeds – Siberian cat

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Cat breeds – Siberian cat

The Siberian cat belongs to a breed that is formed naturally. She is from Russia and is not only because of their long fur and the good character of a popular domestic cat. The Siberian cat is a simple and beautiful semi-longhaired cat. It has a powerful build with medium length legs and large round paws. Your short head with the round snout and domed forehead is massive and usually provided with a strong whiskers. The large, slightly slanted eyes are often blue, but can also be yellow, golden or green be. The Siberian cat fur is dense, loose and water-repellent. Their thick undercoat warms the cat even in freezing temperatures. Neck, chest, legs and tail of the pets are very bushy. Does it have a pointed coloring and blue eyes, is called the Siberian cat “Neva Masquerade”. Hangover are an average weight between 4,5 kg to 8 kg significantly heavier than the cats, weighing 3-6 kg. They are up to 120 cm long.

The Siberian cat: cuddly water rat

The active and very social cat is like together with other cats or dogs. Housed singly, the Siberian tiger room does not feel well. Many representatives of their nature extremely happy to play with water. The Siberian cat is a good hunter and likes to climb, and jump. Therefore, you should have a large cat tree or a garden are available. A window seat or a balcony is the perfect place for them, because they like to be the sun shine on of their fur. The Siberian Cat is easy to care for in the summer because they liked and extensively even operates their grooming. The thick winter coat should be straight in shedding, brushing once or more times per week, so it will not matted.

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