Cat breeds – Singapura Cat

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Cat breeds – Singapura Cat

Cat breeds - Singapura Cat

The Singapura cat is a rare breed cat and is regarded as the smallest cat in the world. Their unusual, light brown color pattern is called “Sepia Agouti”. The Singapura cat is small and has a strong, compact body. Cats weigh an average of just 2.5 kg cat 2-3 kg. The cat from Singapore has a curved profile, a round head and a wide muzzle. Your eyes may be green, yellow or brown, are very large and have a round shape. The ears are large and slightly tilted forward. The coat of the Singapura is fine, short and lies close to the body. Sepia Agouti is the only color variation that occurs in the Singapura cat. The base color is ivory banded with a brownish tone. Each hair is twice, or three times striped, creating a unique pattern comes about.

The Singapura: Klein and fondly

The Singapura cat is a true asset to the family. She is affectionate, cuddly and extremely gentle. Ideally she is with her owner and follows him at every turn. She is straightforward and adapts to its environment. She loves to play and would be a conspecific, with which it can deal. The square in the heart of Singapura but you have to first earn the strangers she is a little shy and she needs her time until she has come to trust them.

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