Cat breeds – Snowshoe

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Cat breeds – Snowshoe

The name of the petite Snowshoe cat refers to its white front paws. The breed from America is also at the same badge as the Siamese cat fur recognizable. The Snowshoe cat is a medium sized, delicate cat with a broad, wedge-shaped head and oval, blue eyes. She has a short, smooth coat, which has almost no undercoat and therefore lies close to the body. The Snowshoe cat is colored in various beautiful colors like Chocolate, Blue, Beige or Lilac and recognizable alongside their white snow shoes on the dark ears and face mask. The elegant cat has an average weight of 3 to 5 kg, the cat takes 4-6 kilos.

The Snowshoe Cat: Only in a double satisfied

A Snowshoe you should never keep alone. It develops normally even a strong bond with their people, but blooms only on really, if it has one to play with other dogs. Otherwise, the sociable, friendly cat is adaptable and fits both in single-person households as well as in large families. The clever and curious cat is considered to be lively and talkative. At birth Snowshoe kittens are white by the way. Your final color can be seen after approximately ten days. How to Hold a litter snowshoe kitten always ready a few surprises.

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