Cat breeds – Sokoke

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Cat breeds – Sokoke

Cat breeds - Sokoke

The Sokoke is one of a rare breed from Kenya to. The robust cat looks like a small wild cat and loves her clearance. Since the 1980s, it is also grown in Europe. The Sokoke has a lean, muscular body with long legs and a small, wedge-shaped head. Cheekbones and whisker pads are strong, the nose is straight, chin strong. The medium sized ears are wide of the Sokoke, rounded above and provided with tufts of hair. The African cat has bright, almond-shaped eyes, which are framed in the color of their fur pattern. The nose is also outlined. The short, glossy fur of the Sokoke has no undercoat and fits close to the body. It may have brownish to grayish shades and patterned with a darker color (tabby pattern). An adult cat is 3.5 to 6 kg, a hangover 5-7 kg.

The Sokoke: Intelligent and active

The first Sokoke cats were found in 1979 on a Kenyan coconut plantation. Their exact ancestry is unknown, but it is believed that free-ranging domestic cats were involved in the development of the breed. A Sokoke is a proud, freedom-loving cat. She needs a lot of space and would be a garden in which they live out their urge to move and the time to spend with games, hunting and climbing. The Sokoke is considered extremely wise: track down the hideout, and feedingstuffs open doors for them is usually not a problem. Humans to the cat is at the beginning usually somewhat restrained. Your affection must be earned first. If the ice is broken, the house cat but is sociable and playful. As Sokoke only way animals can be called with certificate of authenticity, which originated in Kenya.

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