Cat breeds – Somali cat

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Cat breeds – Somali cat

Cat breeds - Somali cat

The long-haired Somali cat is a relative of the Abyssinian. The curious, active feline friend from Somalia is grown in the USA and visually reminds a little of the Desert Fox. The elegant Somali cat has long legs and narrow, oval paws. Her large, almond-shaped eyes are beautiful, expressive and edged with a so-called “eyeliner”. The eye color is either amber or green. The wedge-shaped head of the Somali cat sit two large, widely spaced ears that are sometimes provided with ear tufts. The coat of the domestic cat is of medium length and provided with a dense undercoat. Particularly long is the fur of the room Tigers at the ruff and tail. The multiple banding of individual hairs of the cat (ticking) there is a striking pattern in the cat’s fur. Particularly strong is the ticking of the spine, at the tail end and the hind legs. A female Somali cat is between 2.5 and 4 kg, a male between 3.5 and 5 kg.

The Somali cat: The sister of the Abyssinian

The Somali cat differs only by her long coat of the Abyssinian. This was not bred intentionally, but rather is due to an irregularity in the Abessinierzucht. First, the long-haired animals that were born were considered racially atypical and not used for further breeding. As of 1967, the long-haired one representative then targeted for breeding a new breed, which is called “Somalia cat” called for demarcation of the Abyssinian now. Since 1979, the Somali cat in the United States is officially recognized as a separate breed. The affable Stubentiger is curious, affectionate and enjoys it when he gets a lot of attention. In addition, he is considered to be spirited, sociable and very friendly animal.

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