Cat breeds – Thai cat

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Cat breeds – Thai cat

Cat breeds - Thai cat

The Thai cat is a relative of the Siamese cat and comes from Thailand. It belongs to the more primitive, more powerful type of Siamrasse and is considered to be robust, intelligent, affectionate and very “talkative”. The Thai cat was named distinct breed, as the ideal breeding of the Siamese began in the 1970s, always graceful and becoming leaner. In the English-speaking world this cat is therefore also known as “Old-Style Siamese”. The elegant animal has a muscular, lean body and medium length legs with round paws. The eyes are large, intensely blue and almond-shaped, the coat is short, silky and has a nice shine. The Thai cat is just like the Siamese cat a point. Face, ears, legs and tail are darker than the rest of the fur. The main colors of the Thai cat are Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac. Also, white animals are found. While a full-blown cat lady 2-4 KG will be on the scale, the males have an average weight 4-6 kg. The cats reach a length from 90 to 100 cm.

The Thai cat: A spirited Freigängerin

The Thai cat is like outside. She has lots of energy and is robust, so you should allow her regular clearance. If it is kept in the house or in the house, it should be sufficient space and offered many job opportunities. The Thai cat is smart and is considered very sensitive. Large changes in the household they do not like – just like most other cats. She needs a lot of attention from their human or other dogs – she has her people found her remains to him often for a lifetime faithful. Thai cats play a lot and like to share with. My short coat makes them very easy to clean.

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