Cat breeds – Tiffanie Cat

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Cat breeds – Tiffanie Cat

The Asian Semi-longhair is a semi-longhaired cat, which is in close relationship to the Burmese. The lovely family cat is characterized by its gentle, friendly and curious creatures. The strong, medium Tiffianie Cat is leggy and has a muscular build. The smaller females may be 3-5 kg ​​in weight, the cat 4-6 kg. The Asian Semi-longhair head can be recognized by the prominent cheekbones, the kink in the nose and the mid-size, wide-set ears. The eyes are usually yellow to amber. The silky fur of the cat is soft and long. It can be colored in shades of brown or sable and often has a tabby pattern. By its volume, it makes the cat look even stockier than it actually is.

The Tiffanie Cat: Playful and alert

The lively Tiffanie Cat was bred in the USA from a cross of Burmese and longhair cats in Persian type. Also in character it is a mixture of their ancestors: You have the balanced temperament long hair cat and the lively, interested nature of the Burmese cat. She is playful, faces, affectionate and has a robust health. Thus, the Cute Cat is very well suited as a family pet that enjoys stroking his extensively. A little extra time should the owner of Tiffanie cat for regular grooming schedule. The skin will gain a nice shine and does not tend to Verkletten or felting. The best is the cat accustomed from an early age to the brush and ensures that she enjoys the nursing units.

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