Cat breeds – Tonkinese

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Cat breeds – Tonkinese

Cat breeds - Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a mixture of Siamese and Burmese. The lively cat with turquoise eyes comes from Canada and needs a lot of attention. The Tonkinese is an affectionate, active cat and the body produces a healthy average of the graceful Siamese cat and the powerful Burmese. She has small, oval paws and legs of medium length. Her head has a rounded shape, the profile is curved. The short, silky fur of the Tonkinese is dyed in beautiful colors such as Lilac, Blue, Cream, Blue or Chocolate. Also, red or brown cats come before. For this purpose, it has the typical for a Siamese point coloration. This means that their color on the face, ears, tail and feet is darker than the ground color. An adult female cat this elegant and well balanced breed weighs an average of 3-4 kg a hangover 4-5 kg.

The Tonkinese: Playful and sociable

The Tonkinese cat has a still, small voice and a charming way, thanks to which one can hardly refuse her anything. It is like being with people and a popular children’s cat. In addition, it is seen as docile and intelligent. If you invest some time to teach her tricks like retrieving. Who wants to keep a Tonkinese as indoor cat, should ensure that it has plenty of room for climbing and running around, so that they can satisfy their urge to move. In addition, the Tonkinese, like most cats do not like to be alone. A conspecific with which they can romp and play, is very important to them. With dogs it usually comes out well.

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