Cat breeds – Toyger

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Cat breeds – Toyger

Cat breeds - Toyger

The Toyger is a member of a domestic cat breed that was specifically bred to look like a mini-Tigers out. The puss in big cats look comes from the United States. The word “Toyger” consists of the English word “toy” together for toys and the pet name “Tiger”. The pet is medium in size and has a muscular and athletic build with broad chest, medium length legs and large, powerful paws. Overall, it has a very strong appearance. The head of the Toygers is wide, the ears are small and rounded. The only recognized color of Toygers called “Brown Tabby Mackarel”. His tiger pattern is usually dark brown to black with a reddish color. A cat weighs grown from 3.5 to 4 kg and a cat up to 5.5 kg with a shoulder height of up to 36 cm.

The Toyger: A Designer Cat

The Toyger is called a designer breed, because his tiger-like appearance has come through the selection of breeding animals with special features about. The race is officially recognized since 2007 under the name of Californian Toyger. The essence of the real exchange Tigers luckily nothing predatory feline. He has been bred specifically for the home entertainment and do not necessarily need the ability to free passage. A friendly and sociable beings meets with him on a distinct playfulness and affectionate, trusting nature. Children also enjoy using the magical mini-Tiger.

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