Cat breeds – Turkish Angora

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Cat breeds – Turkish Angora

Cat breeds - Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Her long fur is caused by a gene mutation. The beautiful cat is considered the mother of all long-haired cats. The Turkish Angora is a powerful, elegant cat with long legs and dainty paws. It has a slightly curved profile and large, highly placed ears. The almond-shaped eyes are slightly slanted and often blue. The coat of the Turkish Angora is their most striking attention. It is silky, semi-long, shiny and very fine. Unlike other long-haired cats, the Turkish Angora has no undercoat, thereby exerting delicate. Tail and collar are bushy and the hair brush on the ears are characteristic of the Turkish Angora. In winter the cat’s fur is particularly pronounced for longer than in the summer and in the cold season on the collar. Even if the coat can have different colors, the Turkish Angora in Turkey is only valid as purebred if it is white. A cat weighs up to 5 kg, a cat up to 7 kg, it will be up to 100 cm long.

The Turkish Angora: A strong-willed house cat

The National Cat Turkey is sociable and lively. She loves to play and knows how to communicate with a variety of sounds when she wants something. It is robust and fond of children and is satisfied as indoor cat. In other cats or dogs they react socially and compatible. The long coat needs no maintenance so extensive as that of the Persians, so that the Turkish Angora on the whole is fairly straightforward. The white horses of this breed have unfortunately often struggling with health problems. These include deafness are deafness and disorders of equilibrium. The kittens also sometimes occurs ataxia, which means that they do not learn to walk and die at a young age.

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