Cat breeds – Turkish Van

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Cat breeds – Turkish Van

Cat breeds - Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is one of a rare semi-longhair cat breed. Who illegally from their homes, Turkey, carries risks a heavy fine of up to 35,000 euros. The Turkish Van is similar in its summer dress of the Turkish Angora. It is a medium to large sized cat with a bushy tail. Eyes and ears are large, beautiful cat’s profile is straight. The Turkish Van has a silky coat with no undercoat. Particularly long it is on the legs and tail. The semi-long fur has a pure white color of the cream-colored spots stand out on the ears. The bushy tail of the cat is also either cream or auburn. It may happen that a Turkish Van cat has two different colored eyes. Cats weighing between 4.5 kg and 6 kg cat 6-9 kg. Fully grown they reach a size of 35 to 40 cm and a length of 90-120 cm.

The Turkish Van: A water rat

The Turkish Van does not just like water, it floats extremely well liked in it and spends a lot of time in the wild with the fish. Unfortunately, it does also in the household: Watch owner of Turkish Van that she’s fishing in flower vases, aquariums and toilets. Because this hobby is not harmful to the beautiful cat, appropriate risk sources should be well secured in front of her. In addition, the inquisitive, playful animal is considered smart and active. His tenure at the caregiver expresses it very clearly and it is one of his loud, melodious voice.

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