Cat breeds – Ural Rex Longhair

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Cat breeds – Ural Rex Longhair

The Ural Rex Longhair belongs to a new breed from Russia, which was recognized only in 2006. She has a double curly coat and is considered cuddly, lovable and affectionate. The Ural Rex Longhair is a strong, medium-sized cat with a short back and a slender, elegant figure. Cats of this breed weigh on average between 3.5 and 5 kg tomcat 4.5 to 7 kg. Her legs are of medium length and muscular. She has a short, broad head, a curved profile, pronounced cheekbones and a strong chin. Their ears are medium in size and straight, the eyes have a nice oval shape and a color harmony, is to its fur. The cat’s fur is soft, medium and long coat from head to toe in loose, elastic waves. It can occur in all colors except chocolate and cinnamon. Also special drawings as the Burma-drawing and the Abyssinian ticking are not desirable in the breed.

The Ural Rex Longhair: A gentle cuddle cat

The Ural Rex Longhair cat is a loving family to give their owners a lot of joy. She loves spending time with her master and takes a lot of closeness and affection. She is a cuddly cat that likes to sit on his lap and caressed. But just like she plays and is considered to be fond of children and open-minded, so they integrated into large families. The plauderfreudige small Ural Rex Longhair has a soft, delicate voice, which she uses quite often. Although her coat needs to be brushed off and, but is easier to care for than many other long-haired cats.

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