Cat breeds – Ural Rex Shorthair

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Cat breeds – Ural Rex Shorthair

The medium sized Ural Rex Shorthair cat has a distinctive identifying feature: your beautiful, double curly fur. Your breed is recognized since 2006 in the “World Car Federation”. The Ural Rex Shorthair is a muscular, short built cat with slender limbs and medium length legs. What is striking is her silky, soft and curly fur that is very elastic and falls in gentle waves all over. It consists only of undercoat and has no top coat. In breeding all coat colors are out of all Chocolate – Cinnamon and variations allowed. In addition, there are the Ural Rex cat as a short-hair and long-hair variation. She has a short, broad head with strong accentuated cheekbones and a strong jaw. The medium-sized, rounded ears and large round eyes of the cat contribute to their friendly and harmonious overall appearance.

The Ural Rex Shorthair: Unusual appearance and great character

The Ural Rex Shorthair is appreciated and loved by their owners for their gentle nature. The cat bred in Russia is considered to be sociable, social, affectionate, playful and very charming. She is very cuddly and sits on the lap of her favorite Herrchens. Your voice is low, high and tender and she purrs very readily and frequently. Too bad that these exceptionally lovely velvet paws are still so rare: About 50 animals of this breed are represented only world.

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