Cat fleas in the apartment fight. Tips

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Cat fleas in the apartment fight: Tips – Allcatsnames

cat fleas in the home are not uncommon: The coat of puss is perfect for the tiny parasites. Here you will find tips on how to combat a flea plague in your own home effectively.

Cat fleas in the apartment fight: Tips
cat fleas in the home are particularly insistent on carpets.

Cats offer under their warm fur best conditions for fleas. Therefore, the little pests so like a nest with four-legged friends. Cat fleas in the home you should fight quickly. For one hand, suffers from the animal, on the other hand, the small parasites are transmitted to humans. Only when all the remedies and tips for the expulsion of fleas not help, then the exterminator has ran.

cat fleas in the apartment: Quick response

Often, cat fleas nest in the house without you noticing it the same. At the latest, when your house cat constantly scratches and small red spots can be seen on the skin, but owners should know. To give your favorite relief, you can treat the flea bites right course only once. At the same time you should also fight the spread of parasites in the apartment. Against a lot of cat fleas in the home help most insecticides. Respond quickly, because fleas multiply like a conveyor belt and are very resistant parasites.

Tips: parasites effectively combat

Do not ever fleas must be fought with the chemistry club. Meanwhile, there are also environmentally friendly insecticides on a biological basis. Apply the bug spray everywhere in the apartment to where fleas and larvae could hide – in floorboards, cracks and on carpets and at all locations where your cat likes to be. Important: Make absolutely sure whether the remedy for fleas represents a health risk for your house cat. Because you fight just the adult cat fleas in the apartment on a single application, you should spray again after three weeks. To destroy the hatched larvae then – before they can breed again.

Flea control for cats: What is it? Cat fleas in the apartment fight: Tips

cat fleas in the home are not only directly on the body of the room Tigers, but also to objects. If you want to fight the little parasites effectively, you should all textiles with which the cat comes in contact, wash at 60 degrees, so that the flea larvae die. Tip: To combat fleas on sofa, chair and other cats sleeping places, best to use a steam cleaner.

Tips: Avoid cat fleas in the house

To avoid

Tips for cat fleas in the house: View of a hand on the causes of fleas in cats. You should also examine your favorite regularly with a flea comb and keep the cats blanket and the basket always clean. You can also buy a flea collar and use Spot-on means. Warning: Flea collars pose especially for outdoor cats is a risk of strangulation to the straying.

If everything else fails, and you are not master of the situation, then do not be shy and contact an exterminator. The experts make the little parasites quickly put an end