Cat Flu. Dangerous for the Stubentiger

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Cat Flu: Dangerous for the Stubentiger – Allcatsnames

The cat flu should be compared in any case with a slight cold in humans. It is a dangerous disease that can even be fatal sometimes. In particular, unvaccinated kittens and old animals with weakened immune systems are a risk group.

Cat Flu: Dangerous for the Stubentiger
cat flu: Dangerous for the puss.

How can you tell cat flu

With such a dangerous disease, it is important that the first symptoms to interpret them correctly to prevent the worst. A number of pathogens may be responsible for the infection, bacteria and viruses are the most common causes. Even if your house names”>cat has no contact with other conspecifics, it can be about objects or clothing that has touched an infected animal, infected.

Cat flu is manifested by aqueous and later mucoid nasal and ocular discharge. Your cat is forced to breathe through the mouth and has difficulty swallowing, which results in reduced appetite. Often ignites the oral mucosa; in severe cases ulceration of the tongue or around the eyes. A serious cat flu may also have bone loss at the turbinate result.

preventive measures and treatment of disease

If you vaccinate your feline friend from the beginning properly, Cat flu can be prevented entirely. In the eighth, twelfth and sixteenth week and later once per year, you should vaccinate your cat. Thus, the main pathogens such as herpes viruses or the calicivirus be rendered harmless. If the disease is still broken, you should immediately consult a veterinarian. This usually prescribes antibiotics, you can mingle with the crushed cat food. Back home, you should keep your eyes and nose of the diseased cat always clean in order to facilitate her breathing. Your cat needs now warm; therefore provide for the proper place to sleep. Drafts should be avoided if possible. Remember that your feline friend after ├╝berstandenem cat flu can still carry the pathogen and infect other conspecifics.