Cat Flu. Symptoms and Treatment

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Cat flu is a disease that is manifested by symptoms such as inflammation of the airways Eye . Especially dangerous is cat flu for cats and young animals with a battered immune system. How to recognize the disease.

Cat Flu: Symptoms and Treatment
cat flu should be treated as soon as possible by a veterinarian.

Cat flu is an infectious disease to which most Stubentiger be vaccinated as a precaution. If it still breaks even, relates to the highly contagious respiratory disease, oral mucosa and conjunctiva of the cat and should be treated as soon as possible by a veterinarian.

cat flu: Recognizing Symptoms

After the cat has infected with cat flu, takes two to five days until the first symptoms appear. First, the cat sneezes a lot, her eyes water and your nose is running.

The Samtpfote acts struck, fever can get, sleeps a lot and eats less than usual. Tears and nasal discharge are the cat during cat scratch disease purulent to mucoid and crust, the cat’s eyes are glued. The disease usually spreads to the upper respiratory tract of the cat sniffs and gets significantly worse air.

swallowing and coughing occur, and in cats with weak immune systems or kittens ulceration of the mucosa can occur.

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Treatment of cat flu

As with all Cat Diseases: The earlier it is discovered by the vet, the better. To avoid dramatic consequential damages such as chronic eye disease, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible in suspected cat flu. This treats the sick cat with antibiotics in tablet form or eye drops.

home needs the verschnupfte kitten a loving care, lots of warmth and tranquility. From other cats they should first be separated so they do not infect them. A warm place on the heater, lots of cuddles and gentle cleaning of the nose and eye area combine with the medications that she gets better soon.

In addition, cat owners should make sure that her protege drinking enough. If the feline friend may not eat, the vet should be reconsidered for assistance. He can show you how you can feed the animal with a pipette until he’s better.