Cat has dandruff. Tips for treatment

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Your cat has dandruff? To get back a beautiful, healthy coat, it now needs the right treatment and support. First, the veterinarian should it determine the exact cause and determine an appropriate treatment option.


Cat has dandruff: Tips for treatment
brush assists in the treatment of dandruff in cats.

Sometimes it is in the skin irritation of your cat to a temporary problem, which is caused for example by the change of coat. This claims the metabolism of your cat more than usual and is one of the consequences: The cat has dandruff. In this case, support by brushing helps to rid the coat of dead hair and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, help skin care nutritional supplements and some patience. The situation is different in case of problems with the feed.

If it’s the food: Tips

When nutrient deficiency or food allergy helps a diet change. A high-quality, well-balanced and healthy food must be found and after a few weeks should help the fur of your room Tigers back to a healthy glow and make it scale-free.

In consultation with your veterinarian may perhaps make sense, a specially tuned for skin and hair needs food. It could also be that the veterinary recommends dietary supplements such as biotin or salmon oil for treatment.

cat has dandruff by parasites

When a parasite infestation and associated shed cat fleas, mites or other pests are controlled, with which the house cat itching, skin lesions and possible sequelae is freed.

Possible treatments were carried here by a spot-on preparation, flea powder or spray environment. The favorite places to sleep and textiles in your home should not be forgotten.

Cat has dandruff: Tips for treatment
brush assists in the treatment of dandruff in cats.

Treatment at Krankeiten

If the scale was found as a result of a disease such as fungal infection, diabetes or the like, your veterinarian will treat the cat with medication. Once the cat is better, also her skin is visibly relax. Again, healthy food and brush be supportive!