Cat sneezes. Possible causes

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Cat flu is one of the biggest nightmares of Samtpfotenhaltern. If a cat sneezes, but this can also have other causes. In these things it could be, for example.

Cat sneezes: Possible causes
A flower may well be the trigger for a cat sneezes.

Cats have a very sensitive nose. That a cat sneezes, happened so fairly quickly. The trigger of the “Sneezy” can be quite different. Are possible quite mundane things such as a fuzz or a speck of dust in the nose of your feline friend. People like us – if it itches there that can trigger the urge to sneeze. Just that it can go much faster in cats.

The cat sneezes when it itches in the nose

Among the causes for sneezing in exchange tigers is one of the vacuum cleaner. Once its use mostly swirls on a lot of dust. He is so fine that it people often do not even notice us. The nose of subtle Kitty it feels but immediately disturbed: The cat sneezes. Another trigger are the smells that collects a vacuum cleaner, and the much more intense than we perceive the velvet paws. The same is true for perfume, air freshener sprays or similar. To do so, at best sparingly, if your pet is nearby.

Dry air in the home can also lead to sneezing in your cat, because the mucous membranes of the animals try to compensate for the dryness by producing more moisture. It could also be an allergy sneezing on your feline friend be to blame, let the best check by your veterinarian.

Ten cats sneak around the bet Cat sneezes: Possible causes

Possible cause: cat flu

There must be no but this relatively innocuous causes. The reason why your cat sneezes can also be a cat flu, of course, unfortunately. This is an infectious disease that is transmitted from cat to cat. Drugs are urgently needed, so you should quickly with your furry friend to the vet. Good defenses can have a preventive effect.