Cat treat gastritis and prevent

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The chances are good that the vet can treat a feline gastritis successfully. Once the cause is identified, it can also give you tips on how to prevent re gastritis.

Cat treat gastritis and prevent
Cat gastritis can usually be treated successfully.

The prognosis for a cat gastritis is always particularly good when there is no serious underlying disease is present. Is a food allergy in cats responsible for the overproduction of stomach acid, the inflammation can be treated with medication. Who wants to prevent another outbreak, should change the food and possibly transition to organic food that is free of additives. Your vet may safely give a recommendation.

Cat gastritis treated with medication

drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of gastritis in cats, fight the one hand, the symptoms, such as proton pump inhibitors. Drugs such as omeprazole insulate the production of stomach acid. An allergy can be treated with histamines. If bacteria are the cause of the inflammation of the stomach of your pet, your cat’s veterinarian prescribes certain antibiotics. Also, kidney disease can usually be treated with medication.

If your house cat has swallowed something indigestible, it may be that a gastroscopy is necessary to treat the cats gastritis. An introduced into the stomach camera gives information whether a foreign body is the culprit. Is he discovers he can be removed with a pair of pliers in the course of treatment. You can prevent future by storing objects or toxic to cats plants out of reach.

If the cat is afraid of the vet Cat treat gastritis and prevent

tumors and gastric ulcers

The chances that your pet after treatment of feline gastritis is on top again soon, are really good. The sooner you go to the vet, the better. For an untreated inflammation of the stomach lining can lead to stomach ulcers, which you should prevent. Here a surgical procedure is the same as a tumor present be difficult to avoid, on the one hand always involves risk, on the other hand does not have to be crowned in each case of success.