Cat with colds. Treatment

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If your cat has a cold, it should be recognized and treated as soon as possible – after all, the four-legged friend is supposed to be healthy again quickly and not delay the disease.

Cat with colds: Treatment
In a slight cold heat and rest can help.

Shows your cat mild cold symptoms, such as fatigue, slightly watery eyes and runny nose, normally help rest, warmth and care. Use the following tips to care for your sick pet.

Cats with colds home care

If your cat is an outdoor cat caught a cold, you should stay a few days in the apartment, so do not aggravate the cold symptoms. In the house she needs a warm, draft-free spot where they rest nicely and can sleep as much as possible. Ideal is a place on the boiler.

tears the eyes of your room Tigers, you can from time to carefully wipe the fluid with a soft, damp cloth. Also make sure that your pet is drinking enough. Ask him always fresh water available and also between cats milk may be used by a small secret weapon, so that their pet receives enough fluid. Under no circumstances should you give your puss medication without it previously discussed with a veterinarian.

treatment at the vet

In more severe colds cases, you should leave the veterinary treatment in any case. This applies, for example, if your cat has a fever, cold symptoms do not improve their after three days, or tears and runny nose not clear, but are whitish or yellowish.

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The vet is now once investigate whether your cat’s symptoms result from a harmless cold, or of a disease such as cat flu, which has similar symptoms. Then he will begin the drug treatment and explain how they should proceed at home with the care of your dog on.