Cat with constipation treat. Tips

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If you can not properly defecating Stubentiger, you can treat this problem using different methods. Here are tips for how to deal with a cat with constipation.

Cat with constipation treat: Tips
How do you treat a cat with constipation?

Does your cat struggling with constipation, there are different ways to treat them – depending on the cause and severity. These tips bring the digestion of your feline friend back on track.

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In any case, the cat should have enough water are available – especially if they mainly eats dry food. In general, high-quality cat food is the be all and in the healthy diet for your pet and can help prevent constipation. Does your house cat but still problems Kotabsetzen, for example, can help pumpkin. The vegetables contain lots of fiber and helps the cat with constipation to digest their food. Mix the best little pumpkin puree under the lining. A similar effect can have milk: The lactose contained in it is difficult for most adult cats to digest and therefore makes the feces softer – like a light laxative.

Cat with Constipation: This helps

Another home remedy for constipation for your cat can be a little oil. Tuna in oil is about is a good tip – the fish tastes the room tigers usually good, and the oil helps to make the feces softer and thus facilitates weaning. If your feline friend has different food preferences, you can also add a few drops of the normal food vegetable oil.

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If these measures are not sufficient to treat your cat with constipation, you should as soon as possible consult with your veterinarian. He can determine the exact cause of the complaints and provide your puss with appropriate medications that promote bowel movements.