Cat with hair loss. diagnosis and treatment

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In cats with hair loss it is important to make an accurate diagnosis, to determine the treatment. For while some causes are harmless and require no action, the hair loss may indicate in other cases to health or psychological problems of the cat.

Cat with hair loss: diagnosis and treatment
cats with hair loss: diagnosis and treatment assumes the vet.

cats with alopecia should be taken to the vet when they scratch excessively or lose so much fur that bald patches caused. Often lie in such a case all the tufts of hair around the apartment. A veterinarian explains the causes for such a pathological hair loss.

cats with hair loss: How the diagnosis is made

First, the veterinarian will examine your cat’s skin and coat. How big are the bald spots and the points at which they occur? He pays for the enhanced treatment for possible parasites, infections or injuries. Maybe he is here already a cause.

In addition, the doctor checks the structure and strength of the fur of their favorite, whether it is down by itself, or was plucked. It tests whether it can be unusually easy to pluck and may take a hair sample.

He will also ask you questions over the treatment of the behavior of your pet in order to further narrow down possible causes. In addition to pre-existing conditions while also behavioral problems and changes in circumstances due to relocation or the like play a role. Blood tests and allergy tests may also be necessary.

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What is the treatment for cats with hair loss from?

Not every type of hair loss can and must be treated with medication. If it is a stress-related disease, the causes have to be found at home and the cat a stress free life as possible be granted in order to improve the symptoms.

A hair loss, which is caused by parasites, improves on the fight against small pests, for example, by a flea. A drug has caused the loss of hair, it should be changed if possible. A deficiency or food allergy should be offset by a corresponding change of the lining and possible addition of food supplements and medicines.

If it is a harmless cause, such as shedding winter coat, you support your cat where you brush them slightly more often than might otherwise support and care units with something Malzpaste for your favorite.