Cat with rheumatism. Possible Treatment

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A cat with rheumatism in great pain. If you want to help your feline friend, a drug treatment is possible – which can at least relieve the symptoms .

Cat with rheumatism: Possible Treatment
The cat with rheumatism treatment is mainly used for pain relief.

One thing: A cat with rheumatism can not heal completely. But the symptoms of inflamed joints can be improved with treatment. That is in plain text: you can alleviate the pain so your dog. The progression of rheumatoid arthritis can be with the right medication to slow down.

Drug treatment of disease

Let your cat definitely thoroughly check by a vet if you suspect on rheumatism. Once his diagnosis confirmed the disease, he is the animal prescribe medication. In general, the painkiller that simultaneously inhibit inflammation. Often, the preparations contain cortisone. Here it is definitely important that you provide your cat with rheumatism regularly with the drug – and not only to the pain intense days -., So that the inflammation cycle is broken in the joints

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Cat with rheumatism: This helps

In addition to pain management may also prescribe a treatment with joint supporting nutrients the doctor of your cat. This can, for example, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to be, but also antioxidants such as vitamin E.

In addition, you should ensure that your cat decreases, if you are suffering from obesity. Slight motion does your feline friend is also good, however, without overloading the joints. There is also the possibility of physiotherapy for Cats – check with your vet about what might best help your pet.