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Siamese The origin of Siamese cats is deeply rooted in antiquity. Siamese breed belongs to the Oriental Shorthair cats. The history of this amazingly beautiful animal shrouded in legend and “covered” “dust of centuries.” This breed there for hundreds of years, and is still debate about the exact origin of the Siamese. Origin There is […] Continue reading →

Oriental cat

Oriental cat Oriental cat – cat breed officially recognized in 1977 in America. Distinguishing features – long, slender body, delicate bones and muscles strong, wedge-shaped head, impressively large ears, a long, thin tail, playful, talkative, friendly character, attachment to the person. Belongs to the Siamese and Oriental breed group. History At the end of XIX […] Continue reading →

Somali cat

Somali cat The Somali cat – a variation of long-haired Abyssinian, amazing creature that will not leave anyone indifferent. Unusual color attracts attention. Once there is an association with the squirrel or chanterelles. The same red-haired with dark heels and patterned on attractive face, a chic fluffy tail. History of breed Somali A little bit […] Continue reading →


Burmilla Many of the hearing, the name of the breed immediately thought – “What name?”. Perhaps this is some sort of exotic and unusual cat. Yes cat really unusual and very beautiful. And the name is actually Burmese silver. It has a very beautiful kosha shorthair silver fur, which gives the cat its unique look. […] Continue reading →

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Externally, something similar to the Turkish Van cats, cats Anatolinskie still considered a separate breed. Cats are not very large. Most of the surface is white. For all his wild habits have wonderful character. History As Angora and Van cats, Anatolian Shepherd Dog is considered native, natural rocks formed under conditions of […] Continue reading →

Cymric cat

Cymric cat Cymric cat – it’s a very beautiful woolen tailless wonder. Reminds bear. Of course it is very similar to Mensky cat, but the hallmark of this cat is its very dense and very beautiful hair, which appeared in the process of natural mutation. The history of the breed Cymric cat Cymric cat, cat […] Continue reading →

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Norwegian Forest Cat – One of the oldest breeds, the history of which is covered with mystery. Locals told many stories about these very beautiful and strong zhivotnyh. Pri their beauty, these magnificent animals have the coat and it is very strong animals. History To survive in extremely cold climates, Norway, ancestors […] Continue reading →

British Shorthair

British Shorthair The British cats is not only beautiful and stylish, great-looking and muscular cats, but also ideal roommates modern humans. They practically do not require special care, with affectionate and loved-up. History Currently, there are two options how could appear British Shorthair. Option №1. In England, these cats have bequeathed the Roman conquerors of […] Continue reading →


Savannah Domestic cats Savannah, without exaggeration, is the most amazing, rare, large, and expensive in the world. The purpose of breeding Savannahs was to create a large cat with stunningly elegant body shape, color and exotic intellectual development of the African serval, but with a sweet temper domestic cat. This makes the breed Savannah truly […] Continue reading →

Ceylon cat

Ceylon cat Ceylon cat is similar to the Abyssinian color, but in contrast to the figure on the head, tail, legs and tail. A color change from gold to sunlight. Ceylon cat – a shorthair cat with a small round head with prominent cheekbones with a characteristic “sleepy” look and a strong muscular body. History […] Continue reading →