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Cat Breeds

Turkish Van cat

Turkish Van cat Turkish Van – a rare breed of cat that is characteristic of a highly original color: color between the two ears, symmetrically arranged spots, between which there is a small gap, the so-called track. Stains can be in different colors: red, kashtanov0krasnye, pale black. These spots are considered a blessing of Allah. […] Continue reading →

Ural Rex cat

Ural Rex cat Ural Rex breed belongs to the group shorthair cats. As a pilot, she, in 1991, was described in detail O. Mironova. Cats belonging to this native Russian breed, do not differ large physique. Moreover, in contrast to the Corniche or German Rex their hair wavy, length varies from short to medium. Despite […] Continue reading →

Burmese (Burmezskaya) cat – Burma

Burmese (Burmezskaya) cat – Burma The ancestors of this cat is undoubtedly of eastern origin, it is not known to this day. According to the extant sources, the ancient cat breeds were similar in Burma, which contained only in the homes of the rich or in monasteries and revered as sacred animals. Each of them […] Continue reading →

California Spangled

California Spangled California Spangled – it’s quite rare exotic cat breed. These animals look very similar to the dwarf leopard. Hollywood screenwriter Paul Casey was the first to discover this breed. The idea of ​​creating this breed came from Paul Casey in progress in Tanzania. He learned that due to the amount of illegal hunting […] Continue reading →

Courtesan cat

Courtesan cat It seems that the cats of this breed to create advanced sculptor – flexible muscular body like a graceful statue. Cats are slightly smaller, more elegant and equally charming. However, the size of some cats will cause envy and cats. The coat with undercoat, thick and soft as fleece lamb makes cats even […] Continue reading →

Thai cats

Thai cats Most people confuse breed Siamese cats with Thai, assuming that all cats with black face and paws and blue eyes belong to the Siamese breed, but in fact it is the belief erroneous. Thai was incorporated in 1990 as a Russian aboriginal breed, ie rocks formed naturally in the CIS. Provenance Thai The […] Continue reading →