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Cat Breeds

Cat breeds – European Shorthair

Cat breeds – European Shorthair The European Shorthair, also Celtic Shorthair is a medium sized cat which is recognized as a separate breed since 1982. Their descent can be traced back to common household and village cats. The Celtic Shorthair is grown on a large scale only since the 1990s. She has a massive, powerful […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Siberian cat

Cat breeds – Siberian cat The Siberian cat belongs to a breed that is formed naturally. She is from Russia and is not only because of their long fur and the good character of a popular domestic cat. The Siberian cat is a simple and beautiful semi-longhaired cat. It has a powerful build with medium […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Exotic Shorthair cat

Cat breeds – Exotic Shorthair cat The Exotic Shorthair cat (Exotic Shorthair) is one of a cozy house cat breed that originated in the US. It originates from a cross between Persian and shorthair cat and looks it. The Exotic Shorthair is a very compact cat with short, strong legs and large paws. Her body […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – German Longhair Cat

Cat breeds – German Longhair Cat The German Longhaired Pointer (German Longhair Cat) is a quiet, cozy cat, which was bred until shortly after the Second World War. Today they are working on a reconstruction of the breed standards. The German Longhaired Pointer has a similar physique as the European domestic cat. It is built […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Egyptian Mau

Cat breeds – Egyptian Mau The Egyptian Mau is a graceful, elegant cat with a spotted coat patterned. It is considered the fastest among the facilities tigers and cats is similar to the historical murals in Egypt. The Egyptian Mau has large, almond-shaped eyes, which usually have a nice green color. On a head with […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Abyssinian

Cat breeds – Abyssinian The Abyssinian is a member of an ancient breed that originates from Southeast Asia. Their similarity to the Puma makes the small, dainty cat with lively temperament eye-catcher. The Abyssinian is a very elegant cat, with a lean but muscular physique. She has long legs, small paws and a wedge-shaped head […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Turkish Angora

Cat breeds – Turkish Angora The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Her long fur is caused by a gene mutation. The beautiful cat is considered the mother of all long-haired cats. The Turkish Angora is a powerful, elegant cat with long legs and dainty paws. It has a slightly […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Ural Rex Shorthair

Cat breeds – Ural Rex Shorthair The medium sized Ural Rex Shorthair cat has a distinctive identifying feature: your beautiful, double curly fur. Your breed is recognized since 2006 in the “World Car Federation”. The Ural Rex Shorthair is a muscular, short built cat with slender limbs and medium length legs. What is striking is […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – LaPerm Shorthair

Cat breeds – LaPerm Shorthair The LaPerm Shorthair is a dear, affectionate cat curls with a strong, muscular physique. It belongs to a young race from the US, the long-haired and short-haired agent has. The LaPerm Shorthair has received its name from the colloquial word for “perm”. Her beautiful, curly coat is soft, grippy and […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Ural Rex Longhair

Cat breeds – Ural Rex Longhair The Ural Rex Longhair belongs to a new breed from Russia, which was recognized only in 2006. She has a double curly coat and is considered cuddly, lovable and affectionate. The Ural Rex Longhair is a strong, medium-sized cat with a short back and a slender, elegant figure. Cats […] Continue reading →