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Cat breeds – Neva Masquerade

Cat breeds – Neva Masquerade The Neva Masquerade is a congener of Siberian cat and comes from Russia. A thick, long hair, blue eyes and the mask drawing are characteristic of this cat. The Neva Masquerade is a naturally occurring breed of cat with semi long coat and a dense undercoat. In winter, their fur […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Kuril Bobtail

Cat breeds – Kuril Bobtail The Russian Kuril Bobtail is a love pussycat who has her nickname “Mini Lynx” earned by their appearance. There are long-haired and short-haired representatives of their breed. The Kuril Bobtail cat has a stocky build and a slightly curved back. On average it weighs 5-7 kg. Their powerful legs are […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Russian Blue

Cat breeds – Russian Blue The Russian Blue is a cat with thick, gray-blue coat. The race has its origins in the Russian north and their representatives are deemed as sensitive, reserved and very people oriented. The Russian Blue is a medium sized, slender cat with long legs and small paws. In addition to a […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Australian Mist

Cat breeds – Australian Mist The Australian Mist – also called Australian veil cat – is an active, joyful pet and play resembles thanks to their coat color and big ears the wild ocelot . The Australian Mist is a strong, muscular cat with a broad chest, strong legs and a long tail. Your Durschnittsgewicht […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Mekong Bobtail

Cat breeds – Mekong Bobtail The Mekong Bobtail is one of a rare and ancient breed from Southeast Asia to. The beautiful, playful feline friend has a point coloration as the Siamese and an affectionate, calm demeanor. The Mekong Bobtail with the exotic appearance is medium in size and has an elegant, rectangular physique. Her […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Foreign-White-cat

Cat breeds – Foreign-White-cat The Foreign-White Cat is a graceful, oriental cat with bright blue eyes and a white fur dress. Your breed originated from a cross between Siamese and white domestic cat. The Foreign-White is an elegant, slender cat with a muscular physique. She is long-legged, has oval paws and a long tail. On […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – LaPerm Longhair

Cat breeds – LaPerm Longhair The LaPerm Longhair belongs to a young breed from the USA, which is characterized by its curly representatives. Animals of this breed are considered particularly clingy and do not like to be alone. The LaPerm Longhair is a medium sized cat with a sporty, powerful figure. Their average weight is […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – German Angora

Cat breeds – German Angora The German Angora is one of a new breed of cat that is bred only since the turn of the millennium. The Semi-Longhair cat is a simple, quiet indoor cat of powerful build. The compact, medium-sized German Angora can be admired in many different colors and patterns. Your ideal of […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Turkish Van

Cat breeds – Turkish Van The Turkish Van is one of a rare semi-longhair cat breed. Who illegally from their homes, Turkey, carries risks a heavy fine of up to 35,000 euros. The Turkish Van is similar in its summer dress of the Turkish Angora. It is a medium to large sized cat with a […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Arabian Mau

Cat breeds – Arabian Mau The Arabian Mau is a sweet, quiet family cat with exotic looks and a long-legged, muscular physique. The former representative of a wild breed is officially recognized since 2009. The medium sized Arabian Mau is elegant, but not built to lean. It can be 4-8 kg. Her head is round, […] Continue reading →