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Cat Breeds

Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair

Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair The European Munchkin Longhair cat falls due to their extremely short legs, giving it a cat atypical appearance. The rare cat is considered quiet and cozy animal. The Little Munchkin Longhair is between 2.5 and 4 kg and, awake, lively eyes. Her beautiful coat is long and shiny and can […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Cornish Rex

Cat breeds – Cornish Rex The Cornish Rex is a British “Curl cat” with a slim build and a friendly, adventurous nature. It is genetically related to the German Rex. The petite Cornish Rex is medium in size and has an elegant body with long, lean legs and delicate paws. On its wedge-shaped head with […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Maine Coon

Cat breeds – Maine Coon The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds in the world. Their fur is long and dense, the tail is bushy. Individual adult Maine Coons can accommodate up to 12 kilos. Maine Coon cats have a strong, muscular physique. The large, round paws and the massive head are […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Colorpoint

Cat breeds – Colorpoint As a Colorpoint cats are called, have a specific color drawing: face, ears, legs and tail are darker colored than the rest of the coat – just like the Siamese . As Colorpoint originally applied only Persians, who had the colors of a Siamese cat. These cats are also known under […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Ceylon cat

Cat breeds – Ceylon cat The Ceylon cat comes from Sri Lanka and belongs to a rare breed short hair. The breed originated in a natural way and was introduced in 1964 for the first time to Europe. The Ceylon cat is a small, graceful cat with a slender but muscular body. Their hind legs […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – German Rex

Cat breeds – German Rex The playful German Rex was bred in Germany. With her wavy, curly fur the cuddly Rex Cat is quickly recognizable as such. It is considered very easy to care for. The German Rex has the slender frame of a house cat and a very velvety, soft fur. Their whiskers are […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Ragamuffin

Cat breeds – Ragamuffin The Ragamuffin cat is a large, long-haired cat that is grown in Europe since 2002. It is related to the Ragdoll cat and is regarded as quiet, peaceful and very nice family pet. The strong Ragamuffin has a muscular, square build. Their hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs, […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Devon Rex

Cat breeds – Devon Rex The Devon Rex is a breed cat from the UK, which has a short, curly fur. The crimped hair dress enterprising cat is the result of a genetic mutation. The Devon Rex is a medium-sized, muscular cat that brings grown on the scale from 2 to 4.5 kg. She has […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Don Sphynx

Cat breeds – Don Sphynx The Don Sphynx is a member of a Russian nude cat breed. It provides the Canadian Sphynx cat similar, but is not related to her. The hairless Don Sphynx cat has a strong, muscular physique. Her legs are of medium length, the paws are rounded and with strikingly long toes. […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Singapura Cat

Cat breeds – Singapura Cat The Singapura cat is a rare breed cat and is regarded as the smallest cat in the world. Their unusual, light brown color pattern is called “Sepia Agouti”. The Singapura cat is small and has a strong, compact body. Cats weigh an average of just 2.5 kg cat 2-3 kg. […] Continue reading →