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Dental Care for Cats. Four supportive Products

Dental Care for Cats: Four supportive Products – Allcatsnames Dental problems are very common, which is why the Stubentiger rely on a little help of their owners especially in indoor cats. This tartar, gingivitis and Co. can not arise, cat owners can take various preventive measures. first Perfect for in between: cat snacks with dental […] Continue reading →

Like a cat psychologist works?

Like a cat psychologist works? – Allcatsnames If you notice behavioral problems in your feline friend, a cat psychologist could help. But at what problems he is the right person and how he actually works? A cat psychologist, for example, help with anxiety disorders. A cat psychologist goes to different problems. These include anxiety disorders, […] Continue reading →

Symptoms. How to recognize cats fungus

Symptoms: How to recognize cats fungus – Allcatsnames Cat fungus is unpleasant and highly contagious – for cat and man. How do you recognize the symptoms of infectious disease, click here. But beware: velvet paws can carry the pathogen in itself, without showing signs . The symptoms of fungal cats are particularly evident in the […] Continue reading →

What causes rheumatism in the cat?

What causes rheumatism in the cat? – Allcatsnames The articular rheumatism disease is very painful for a cat. Among the causes for the suffering often include a malfunction of the immune system. A cure is yet unfortunately not yet possible. Elderly cats often suffer from rheumatism. In total, there are 400 different forms of rheumatism. […] Continue reading →

Rheumatism in cats. Symptoms

Rheumatism in cats: Symptoms – Allcatsnames rheumatism is very painful for the puss in cats. The symptoms are similar to humans. But because cats can not make so much attention to the pain, special attention is needed. A weak urge to move is one of the typical symptoms in cats rheumatism. rheumatoid cats is inflammation […] Continue reading →

As cats can be infected with fungal skin

As cats can be infected with fungal skin – Allcatsnames The congregation of skin fungus is: You see cats not necessarily whether they carry the pathogen in this or not. Not every quadruped in fact shows symptoms. The transfer of pathogens from skin fungus can be made from animal to animal, animal to person and […] Continue reading →

Causes of balance problems in cats

Causes of balance problems in cats – Allcatsnames balance problems in cats can have several causes. Whether the trigger inflammation, fractures or diseased organs are: A quick treatment is important . Many things can lead to balance problems in cats. If you recognize symptoms of balance problems in cats, you are looking for as quickly […] Continue reading →

Practical dental care products for cats

Practical dental care products for cats – Allcatsnames Also for cats is very important regular dental care. Special snacks, which supply the teeth with nutrients, are a great help – but do not replace the intensive care including brushing. With these products, you move plaque and Co. in your Samtpfote lead to the destruction. first […] Continue reading →

So you can treat sneezing in cats

So you can treat sneezing in cats – Allcatsnames sneezing in cats can have different triggers. Of this you should do depends on how you treat it. Tips to get you here. Often sneezing in cats must be treated with medication. If your cat sneezing is caused by a stimulus of your sensitive nose, you […] Continue reading →

Dandruff in cats. Possible causes

Dandruff in cats: Possible causes – Allcatsnames dandruff in cats can have several causes that should be investigated by a veterinarian in any case. Even if many triggers are harmless, it is namely, the Samtpfote as soon as possible to a beautiful, healthy coat dress to help. A healthy cat fur is dense, shiny and […] Continue reading →